Phillips questions Gov’ts delay in implementing zones of special operations




FALMOUTH, Trelawny — Opposition leader Dr Peter Phillips is questioning why the implementation stage of the Zones of Special Operations is being drawn out after such a rush to have the Act passed in Parliament.


Dr Phillips bemoaned that the implementation process has been lagging for nearly a month after the passage of the Bill, and since then, about 100 murders have been committed.


“It sign now almost one month, if you want to measure it in time; but if you want to measure it in lives, is almost a 100 lives or more and nothing done. This would suggest that the whole passage of the law and the urgency and everything was just a face card,” the opposition leader contended.


“If you know in the Senate that you have a majority and it going to pass, police can do all their planning, security forces can be doing all the planning, the Ministry of National Security, the Prime Minister’s Office, the national security advisor, the National Security Council can be doing all their planning. What is taking so long?” Phillips questioned.


“Although we told them that the one law is not a crime plan. It requires a whole national effort, and most of all it requires that you don’t play politics with the security sector.”


He recounted that the Andrew Holness-led Administration was in a haste to have the Bill signed even after the Opposition requested more time.


“The Parliament never get any opportunity to consider it. We were told that it had one day to sit. Them sit one day, them bring the report the next day. When we were asking for more time they said no, it must be done now, it’s urgent. The Senate got one day. They had to sit from morning 10 o’clock to bout 10 o’clock the night to consider it because we were told that is the most urgent bit of legislation,” Dr Phillips remarked.

Now when you say that I believe that you ready from the minute it sign to implement something with it.”


He was speaking at the PNP Trelawny Northern constituency meeting held at Falmouth All Age School.


Victor Wright is the chairman of the constituency.


Source: Jamaica Observer