Deputy Governor smooths road to naturalisation

(CNS): The procedure for becoming a British Overseas Territories citizen will become easier and faster the deputy governor has said as a result of review of the application process which he recently directed recently. Franz Manderson said the changes were part of the “cutting red tape” initiative by making efficient use of the internet and simplifying the application for naturalisation. The new system was introduced Friday 28 March and reduces the number of visits to the government building and half’s the time line it once took to become British.

“I asked my staff to re-engineer the process to make it more customer- friendly and to process applications in a reasonable timeframe,” Manderson stated in a release from his office. “It was achieved by simplifying the application form, using the internet and removing unnecessary bureaucracy.”

The old system involved a minimum of four visits to the government administration building but the new system will require only two – one to place the completed application in a drop box and if successful, one to take part in the pledge ceremony. Applications will be processed within two to three months, reducing the processing period by about four months.

The major changes include a new and simpler application form and guidance notes for the forms can now be accessed on line on the office of the deputy governor’s website . Alternatively, the application form can be picked up at the government headquarters on Elgin Avenue in George Town.

Completed application forms can be placed in a drop box in the foyer of the Government Administration Building between 8.30am & 5.00pm Monday – Friday with cheques or a banker’s draft payable to the “Cayman Islands Government” for CI$825 for adults & CI$450 for children.

Certified copies are now required for all documents except Police Record & Travel History.

The staff at the deputy governor’s office are still available to answer queries on 244.2441 / 244-3181/244-2403 or email